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At Biltmore OB-Gyn,   we know that having a baby is an extraordinary experience. We appreciate that each pregnancy and birth is unique, and we help to support your vision of the perfect birth experience with the goal of healthy mom and healthy baby. We support a wide range of delivery options, including natural childbirth, pain control with epidural, and VBAC. Our goal is to avoid unnecessary interventions and cesarean sections. We are proud to report one of the lowest primary cesarean rates in the community with our last two quarters of 2017 ranging from 9-12%, well below the national average of 22%.


We enjoy caring for both low risk and high risk obstetrical patients. High risk conditions we commonly care for include advanced maternal age, IVF, twins, gestational diabetes, hypertension, and previous uterine surgery. As a cohesive group of obstetricians and Certified Nurse Midwifes, we have a provider on call 24/7, and our patients know they can contact us at any time.

Our providers and office staff walk each patient through every step of their pregnancy and prenatal care. Office visits are specifically tailored to each patient and our providers spend ample time at each visit to answer questions throughout the course of pregnancy. While you will be assigned to one primary obstetric provider during your pregnancy, you will meet all of the obstetric providers during your prenatal care to ensure the provider is a familiar face during your labor and delivery.


We deliver babies at Mission Hospital, which has 24-hour anesthesia and high-risk maternal medicine services. Mission also has a level 3 neonatal unit to care for premature infants or infants in need of extra support after deliver. Mission Hospital holds the prestigious “Baby Friendly Hospital” designation and follows the most up-to-date recommendations for care of both mother and baby..

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Our physicians and Certified Nurse Midwives take turns being responsible for patients in the hospital. The midwives are also backed up by a physician for urgent or emergent issues with laboring or pregnant patients

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